Bhoomi Banana Chips

banana chips

Bhoomi Banana Chips As a little treat from our friends over at Bhoomi Kitchen, we’ve been given the secret to their delicious Keralan-style banana chips. A lot of South Indian cuisine is rich in delicious, flavourful plant-based food. And in Kerala, these banana chips, coined as “Upperi”, are commonly served at weddings and festivals – […]

Holee Cowless takes over Holee Cow

HOLEE COWLESS TAKES OVER HOLEE COW For the month of ‘Veganuary’, we want to give our little vegan sidekick – Holee Cowless – a hot moment. You’re probably not here because of a plant-based penchant, but our Cowless menu (we’ve heard) defies all veg diet stereotypes. Holee Cow has been given a plant-y spruce up […]

5 Reasons why you should consider eating vegan once a week

5 reasons why you should consider eating vegan once a week Being a full time vegan isn’t always easy, but eating vegan shouldn’t be a struggle.  If you’re not a full-time v+, the thought of switching to the plant side permanently is probably a little daunting. But in the wake of the climate crisis and […]