Bhoomi Banana Chips

As a little treat from our friends over at Bhoomi Kitchen, we’ve been given the secret to their delicious Keralan-style banana chips.

A lot of South Indian cuisine is rich in delicious, flavourful plant-based food. And in Kerala, these banana chips, coined as “Upperi”, are commonly served at weddings and festivals – such as Onam.

Not only are they moorish as HECK, these crunchy snacks are a great source of magnesium and vitamin B6. 

Bhoomi Kitchen’s chefs have kindly divulged their recipe for these delicious vegan bites for you to try at home…

Plantain Chips


  • 2 pieces of raw plantain banana
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1.05 litres water
  • 500ml cooking oil



  • Remove skin completely from raw banana
  • Add turmeric powder to 1litre of water, mix in a bowl and keep it ready
  • Using a slicer, thinly slice bananas into the turmeric water
  • Rinse and take out from the water and dry in paper towel
  • Heat the oil in frying pan
  • Mix the salt in 50ml water
  • Take sliced bananas and put it in the oil, always keeping oil at medium heat
  • Fry until 80% and pour 1 tsp of salt water mix on the frying pan over banana chips evenly spread
  • Fry for some time, then remove from oil and drain

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