5 reasons why you should consider eating vegan once a week

Being a full time vegan isn’t always easy, but eating vegan shouldn’t be a struggle. 

If you’re not a full-time v+, the thought of switching to the plant side permanently is probably a little daunting. But in the wake of the climate crisis and COP26, many of us have felt the pressure to go cold tofurkey ( *winks* ) and make the switch. 

The good news is that switching to plant based meals just once a week has a looong list of tempting benefits. Read our top 5 reasons why you should try eating vegan once a week, and let’s get meat-free Mondays in the diary.

1. Eating vegan just once a week can reduce greenhouse emissions by 50 million tonnes
According to the Vegconomist , if everyone in the UK bought and consumed vegan meals just one day a week, the country would reduce carbon emissions by 8.4%. This is the equivalent of removing 16 million cars off the road! Vegan wings
2 . It’s a chance to get more minerals, fibre and vitamins in your diet
Not eating meat once a week gives you a chance to add to your diet, not just remove choice. Making a change to your eating habits will give you the chance to consume nutrients you may be lacking. And this doesn’t have to mean a day doomed with green salads and kale smoothies. Our Moving Mountains burgers are packed full of B12 – a vitamin that a large number of people don’t know they’re deficient in! Packed with 100% plant-protein, our MM burgers are the perfect vegan lunch pre or post workout.
3. There’s more choice now than ever before
There was a time, not so long ago, when people would scratch their heads at the term “vegan”. It still isn’t on everyone’s radar, but with a record number of Veganuary pledges this year (500,000 compared to 100,000 the year before) – it’s clearly on the rise. There’s now an abundance of vegan recipes, vegan takeaways (hello hello) and vegan choices in the supermarket. With all this, eating vegan once a week should be a walk in the park. Vegan Delivery Cheltenham
4. It’s great for a detox
Trying out Meatless Mondays may just be the best way to detox from a boozey weekend. Studies show that people who can get ‘back on track’ at the start of the week are more likely to maintain a healthy, productive week!
5. Vegan recipes can be deliciously different
Our mission at Holee Cowless is to break down the stereotype that vegan recipes are bland and boring. We’d like to think our Cowless menu breaks the trope. To be victoriously vegan, we’ve made sure that none of our food cuts corners or compromises on taste. At JM Socials HQ, we tried and tested a countless number of vegan recipes and faux meats to finally hit the jackpot. To try Holee Cowless for a vegan lunch or dinner in Cheltenham, you can order through Deliveroo. If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant, you can book to dine-in our sister restaurant – Holee Cow – just off Cheltenham High Street here. Holee Cowless Vegan Burger Cheltenham  

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